Quality Policy

Quality, in Sunsundegui’s DNA

Sunsundegui is a solid company in constant growth that bets day by day for quality and excellence in each model created, in each material used and in each step of the construction process. Quality is our corporate culture, our DNA, our response to the loyalty that our customers place in us.

Our buses are the embodiment of the experience of a leading team. They are the result of the great commitment of our bodybuilder to incorporate constant improvements to our products, with innovation, technological research, progress and sustainability as four of our main hallmarks.

A quality that is reflected together with customization and tailor-made design to meet the needs of each customer.

Our guiding principles are as follows:

  • The customer is the essential element, the reason for our company and a rare commodity. We must listen to their needs and interpret their expectations in order to build loyalty.
  • Continuous improvement in all areas is our guarantee of survival. We must work as a team to continuously improve our competitiveness.
  • Sunsundegui’s personnel is one of its most valuable assets, so continuous and adequate training and their involvement in the company’s objectives is a priority.
  • Compliance with environmental, product and personal safety legislation and the level of quality required by the customer is a concern of the company. We must regularly review our management system to ensure compliance.
  • Our suppliers make a valuable contribution to meeting our customers’ needs. We must foster alliances to secure supplies.
  • For the measurement of Quality Management, objectives are established in the annual Management Plan.
  • Sunsundegui has implemented and maintains a PREVENTION PLAN. This Plan is reviewed regularly, subjecting it to continuous improvement in agreement with the workers and their representatives.
  • This should lead us to be perceived by the market as a company that collaborates with its customers by creatively responding to their needs, by society as a generator of wealth in the area and respectful of the environment, and by employees as a desired organization to develop their professional life.

Chief Executive Officer

January 2019


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