With our customers

At Sunsundegui, we are fully committed to our customers. For this reason, we offer a wide range of models with high added value and high profitability over time. A commitment that offers creative answers to your needs, generating confidence through quality and innovation, respect for the environment, safety, design and constant improvement.

In addition, we are committed to individualized attention, designing products according to your specific requirements and that favor the achievement of your business objectives.

With our employees

Sunsundegui’s personnel is one of our most valuable assets, so continuous and adequate training and their involvement in the company’s objectives, as well as the prevention of occupational hazards, are priority objectives. Our more than 250 workers, their capacity for work and innovation, their commitment and involvement, ensure that confidence in the future of the Navarrese bodybuilder is always present.

With people and the environment

Located in the Navarrese town of Alsasua (Navarra), Sunsundegui has been a fundamental driving force for economic and social development, as well as for the life of the Sakana community since 1958. In addition, our social and environmental responsibility drives us to research, design, develop and manufacture increasingly sustainable public transport solutions.

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