Sunsundegui is working to make this website a practical and accessible communication channel for everyone.

For this reason, the design and programming seek to follow criteria of simplicity, with the aim of ensuring access to information and services offered, easily and without restrictions, including those who are differently abled.

A design of this type will also increase usability and therefore the benefit will be extended to all users:
Adaptable: Information and services must be accessible to everyone and usable with all navigation devices.
Understandable: Clear and simple contents.
Navigable: Simple browsing mechanisms.

Some aspects that have been considered:

Coherent and consistent browsing and visual structure on all pages. We have tried to achieve consistent browsing throughout the website, following the same structural layouts on all pages.

High contrast of contents and menus.

Size of the elements. The site has been designed so that the user can adapt both the text and the entire website to the desired size.

Images. Alternative texts are included with images, so that screen readers can interpret them for users.

Language identification. All inserted pages and documents have incorporated the identification of the language in which their contents are in.

Although our website is managed using a content manager that aims to ensure accessibility, it is possible that, when modifying or adding new information, there may be situations of reduced accessibility to some contents. Therefore, if you find any error, we invite you to contact us so we can continue to improve.

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