12 Dec 2023

Sunsundegui joins forces with the Adecco Foundation to accelerate the inclusion of people with disabilities in the labor market.

  • The company supports the Adecco Foundation’s Disability Week 2023, which aims to promote the employment of people with disabilities through a two-fold approach: raising awareness among companies and society as a whole, and training people with disabilities to improve their skills development and employability.
  • In addition, Sunsundegui supports the Adecco Foundation’s awareness campaign developed within this framework. Under the name “Inconvenient Silences”, the initiative aims to make visible the daily challenges faced by people with disabilities in the workplace, with the objective of promoting empathy and eliminating prejudices and stereotypes.On December 3, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities was celebrated, an event on which Sunsundegui reinforces its social commitment, supporting actions that favor the full inclusion of people with disabilities.

    Sunsundegui has joined the Adecco Foundation’s Disability Week 2023, a cross-cutting initiative that puts people with disabilities at the center of social dialogue through awareness-raising, dialogue and training activities. This is a major challenge, considering that people with disabilities have low participation in the labor market (66% of those of working age are neither employed nor seeking employment) and that their unemployment tends to soar, due to prejudices and stereotypes deeply rooted in the social imaginary, especially with regard to intellectual disabilities or those linked to mental health problems.

    Raising awareness is the first step to reverse these figures and, to this end, as part of this Week, the Adecco Foundation organized orientation and training workshops in which people with disabilities work on key skills, among others: positive attitude in the job search, resume writing, job interview training, social networks, knowledge of the labor market or group dynamics in selection processes.

The Adecco Foundation’s Disability Week 2023 has developed the awareness campaign “Uncomfortable Silences”, which aims to raise awareness about the difficult situations that people with disabilities often continue to face in the workplace, due to lack of knowledge and/or lack of previous experience. Starring therapist with cerebral palsy Inés Rodríguez, and aerospace engineer Aitor Angulo, who is hearing impaired and currently works at Airbus, the initiative aims to normalize disability in the workplace and promote a change of mentality that promotes full inclusion.

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