27 Nov 2023

At Sunsundegui, we introduce the new Sc7 NG coach

New year, new launch. At Sunsundegui, we will start 2024, our 80th anniversary year, by welcoming a new coach model: the Sc7 New Generation. On the occasion of the beginning of such a special year for our company, we present our new coach that represents a leap into the future in terms of modernization, technology and progress in the transport sector. Its sleek design, innovative features and commitment to sustainability make it the ideal choice for travelers and transport operators alike.

Unique, innovative and sustainable design: its avant-garde and elegant design makes the new Sc7 coach the symbol of the evolution of ground transportation. In addition, it is designed to be environmentally friendly, thanks to the use of chassis with new-generation engines and the implementation of energy-efficient technologies. This ensures lower fuel consumption and a significant reduction in emissions, thus contributing to a more sustainable future.

Get to know all the details of the new model

Welcome to the future of ground transportation!

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