10 Nov 2023

Sunsundegui participates in the 2nd Annual Alliance of European Automotive Regions Conference

  • The meeting brought together 24 European regions to address the main challenges facing the automotive sector and to jointly coordinate the transition to electric vehicles.

Sunsundegui participated in the 2nd Annual Conference of the Alliance of European Automotive Regions, held yesterday, November 9th in Pamplona, demonstrating once again its commitment to sustainability. We have joined this high-level meeting that brought together leaders from 24 leading European regions in automotive manufacturing and component supply, as well as private companies and other agents linked to the sector, to address the main challenges of the automotive area and the transition towards the electric vehicle.

The conference, which took place at the Navarra Arena Pavilion, served to make a ‘Declaration of Navarra’ on the future of the sector. Likewise, the public sector, represented by the Alliance of European Automotive Regions, and the private sector, represented by the Automotive Skills Alliance – a business-driven network – to ensure “continuous, pragmatic and sustainable cooperation” in the automotive sector.

Sunsundegui has taken advantage of this meeting to highlight the value of its Aerosun projectThe company has developed a new program to reduce the consumption of its vehicles, developed in conjunction with the University of País Vaco; the agreement with Volvo Buseswhich contemplates the launching of an electric bus; and its commitment to employment, with training courses provided by the Government of Navarre, organized by the Navarre Employment Service-Nafar Lansare (SNE-NL), which will enable the incorporation of 450 new professionals to Sunsundegui’s workforce.

Demonstrating our contribution to meeting the objectives of the Alliance of Automotive Regions: the fundamental changes in the automotive sector and their impact on the EU regions, including the decarbonization of the transport sector and contributing to the European Green Pact.

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