26 Sep 2023

Sunsundegui begins the incorporation of new personnel to its work team.

At Sunsundegui we incorporated the first professionals to our Volvo project team after the completion of the first professional qualification programs. These additions will be gradually increased in the near future. The objective is for these people to continue their training period once they are integrated into Sunsundegui’s workforce, in order to start manufacturing Volvo models.

With 60% of the students expected to be hired, the training process includes the development of a total of 14 qualification courses that will train 220 unemployed people in different modalities.

Additionally, in our commitment to the training and professional development of our employees, Sunsundegui will provide new training within the company for new hires during their first 2 or 3 months, which will allow them to continue acquiring knowledge and to adapt and integrate correctly into the production process.

So far, a total of 6 courses have been completed (2 welding, 2 electrical and 2 painting courses) and over the next few weeks, one electrical course, one painting course and 6 assembly courses will be held. With a duration of between 40 and 60 hours, these programs are being developed at the CIP Sakana in Alsasua, at theIturrondo Training Center and at Sunsundegui’s facilities.

This initiative responds to the need to increase Sunsundegui’s workforce to cope with the Volvo project, and has the collaboration of the Navarre Employment Service-Nafar Lansare (SNE-NL), which has provided a total subsidy of almost 108,000 euros for the delivery of the qualification programs.

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