5 Sep 2023

Sunsundegui starts training process to hire qualified personnel for the Volvo project

  • We started training in welding, electricity and painting that will allow the correct integration of the selected people in the production process.
  • Responds to the need to increase staffing levels to meet the needs of the Volvo project
  • They are part of a process of selection and training of professional profiles that the Navarre car manufacturer launched together with the Navarre Employment Service-Nafar Lansare (SNE-NL) and the Planning and Integration of Vocational Training Service of the Government of Navarre.

Sunsundegui has started the professional qualification process that will allow the incorporation of personnel to the Volvo project. These are theoretical-practical training courses with a commitment to contracting given by a teaching team made up of professionals from Sunsundegui and our suppliers with outstanding experience. This offers a correct integration of the selected people in the production process of Sunsundegui, which plans to incorporate them immediately upon completion of the professional qualification program.

The programs are part of a selection and training process for four professional profiles (electricity, painting, welding and assembly) that we implemented last July in conjunction with the Navarre Employment Service-Nafar Lansare (SNE-NL) and the Planning and Integration of Vocational Training Service of the Government of Navarre. to cope with the increase in headcount required by the Volvo project.

The training process includes the development of 15 qualification courses in different modalities (welding, electricity, painting and assembly) with a duration ranging from 40 to 60 hours. The training programs for specialized profiles in welding and electricity began last August 28 and 31 respectively, and are being taught at the CIP Sakana in Alsasua. Likewise, the opening of the first edition of the painting training course at the Iturrondo Training Center was held on Monday, and the assembly courses are scheduled to begin in the coming weeks.

During the opening of this first edition in painting, the managing director of the Navarre Employment Service / Nafar Lansare, Miriam Martón, highlighted: “This course that starts today here in Iturrondo is a perfect example of what we want to promote from the SNE-NL: a public-private collaboration, between public administrations and companies, with the objective of training for employment and at the same time improving the competitiveness of companies.”

As Patxi Iraizoz, Head of Human Resources at Sunsundegui, pointed out, “these programs offer a solution to the difficulty of attracting personnel with the profiles demanded by their scarcity in the labor market, since they represent an employment opportunity for workers in the sector through the qualification and adaptation of their professional profiles to the needs of our bodywork industry”.

A strategic project for Navarra

On May 4, Sunsundegui signed a historic pre-agreement with Volvo Bus under which it assumes the manufacture of two of the Swedish automaker’s latest-generation bus models (the top-of-the-line 9700 and 9900 models) starting in 2024. The agreement with Volvo bus means that the Navarrese coachbuilder will have to adapt its facilities and staff to the technology and supply transfer envisaged in the agreement between the two companies.

The Government of Navarre, Sunsundegui and Volvo Bus are working hand in hand on a project considered strategic for the region of Navarre. The process of recruiting and training professional profiles is one of the first actions defined within the framework of the public-private collaboration that is being coordinated by the Department of Economic and Business Development, through Sodena, which is also working on the study of land and facilities and on the line of financial support for the planned production expansion.

Likewise, the recruitment of personnel for the four profiles in demand was carried out through the SNE offices in Alsasua and Pamplona.

About Sunsundegui

Sunsundegui is a leading coachbuilder in the design and production of coaches and buses. With more than 300 employees and located in the town of Alsasua (Navarra, Spain), it has a wide range of models(Sc7, Sc5, Sb3 Go and Sb3) that cover all the needs of road passenger transport. The bodybuilder focuses its business model on the development of environmentally responsible and innovative public transport solutions that guarantee a light and safe body, and an efficient design through weight and energy consumption reduction. Present in more than 20 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia and with its own R&D department, Sunsundegui is today a solid company in constant growth that is committed every day to the quality and excellence of its vehicles.

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