13 Jul 2023

Sunsundegui commits to the fight against gender violence

Sunsundegui is committed to the fight against gender violence through the important agreement it signed to promote awareness and social awareness against gender violence within the framework of the initiative “Companies for a society free of gender violence” with the Ministry of Equality and through the Government Delegation against Gender Violence.

On June 2, the resolution of the registration of Sunsundegui’s Equality Plan, 2023-2027 in the REGCON was issued, making the previously signed agreement official.

Once this step has been completed, work has already begun on the measures included in the plan. The content of this can be consulted on the website of the Registry of Collective Bargaining Agreements, Collective Labor Agreements and Equality Plans of Navarre.

One of the measures is the Violet Dot, an instrument promoted by the Ministry of Equality to involve society as a whole in the fight against gender violence and to massively spread the necessary information to know how to act when facing a situation of violence or a case of violence against women. Its dissemination saves lives and can help many women in their process of recovery and exit from the violence they face.

Click here to consult the guides:

Punto Violeta English

Punto Violeta Basque

English Violet Stitch

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