12 Apr 2023

Sunsundegui joins the Ministry of Equality to raise awareness against gender-based violence

Sunsundegui is aware of the existing social problems and the necessary involvement of all social agents in the prevention of gender violence in order to achieve full awareness and jointly build a society free of any form of violence against women.

For this reason, Sunsundegui has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Equality, within the framework of the initiative ‘Companies for a society free of gender violence’, to promote awareness and social awareness against gender violence.

This agreement, which was signed on March 6 and published in the Official State Gazette on March 13, will have a term of four years, renewable annually for a period of up to four additional years.

Thus, it establishes a general framework of collaboration between the Ministry of Equality -through the Government Delegation against Gender Violence- and Sunsundegui for the design, development and monitoring of actions to promote, within the framework of the State Pact against Gender Violence, sensitization and social awareness for the eradication of violence against women in all its manifestations.

In this way, Sunsundegui undertakes to use its own communication channels to disseminate the awareness and prevention campaigns launched by the Ministry of Equality. In addition, it will develop social awareness actions on the occasion of the commemoration of certain international days related to the eradication of different forms of violence against women.

In turn, the Ministry of Equality, through the Government Delegation against Gender Violence, will make information campaigns and materials available to the bodybuilder for its dissemination; as well as to support through its own channels, to collaborate in the planning, organization and execution of the information, prevention and awareness actions, and to provide advice and support in all the actions that are implemented in the development of this agreement.

The actions must be previously specified through the Monitoring Commission created for this purpose, which will be composed of two representatives of the Government Delegation against Gender Violence and two representatives of Sunsundegui, and will meet at least once a year.

As stated in the agreement, in the current legal and social context of our country, it is particularly appropriate for companies and other entities to collaborate with the Administration, in order to act as loudspeakers to spread the message and raise the awareness of society as a whole about violence against women in all its manifestations.

Thus, Sunsundegui expresses its special interest and willingness and offers the maximum collaboration to the Ministry of Equality to contribute, with the means at its disposal and to the extent of its possibilities, to promote awareness of gender violence.

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