9 Mar 2023

Committed to equality, we promote female talent

Committed to equality, we promote female talent

We celebrate Women’s Day with the conviction that we all have to take steps towards effective equality in all facets of life, including in the workplace. And that conviction translates into a commitment to promote female talent, whatever its performance, as a real way to take those steps towards real equality.

A long way to go

As a society and as a company, we have the responsibility to create a culture where women are made visible and their talent is taken into account, where women do not feel constantly threatened by the need to make a double effort to prove that they are valid, that nothing has been given to them as a gift, where they are recognized as having the same capabilities as their male counterparts and where they are not accused of lacking certain skills that, simply because they are women, were not available to them or instilled in them with the same tenacity and aplomb as their male counterparts from childhood.

At Sunsundegui we are committed to promoting female talent on the road to equality.

Thank you all!

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