9 Jan 2023

TransHierro starts the year with the addition of a new Sb3 LE unit.

The company TransHierro starts the year incorporating to its fleet a new Sb3 LE unit that will provide its services connecting the Herreños.

The new Sb3 LE VOLVO B8R LE RIGID SUSPENSION 4×2 E6 10.9m 37 seats, is equipped with:Stainless steel structure

Biled Gen III front exterior lighting

Steel wheels with hubcaps

Extra seating PMRSR zone

With dashboard-mounted vending machine + cash drawer

With 2 seats reserved for PRM

USB sockets on handrails

With front sign and rear sign

Wall-mounted microphone flexo-conductor


Thank you TransHierro for your continued confidence in Sunsundegui.