10 Nov 2022

A delegation of Israeli transport operators visits Sunsundegui’s facilities in Navarre

This meeting is another example of the expansion of the Navarrese bodybuilder in the export market, where countries such as Israel, Ireland, France and Portugal stand out.

Sunsundegui presented its advances in innovation, such as the high-definition HD cameras that replace rear-view mirrors, or the Aerosun project, which reduces consumption and CO2 emissions by 6%.

We opened the doors of Sunsundegui to receive a group of 25 of the most important private transport operators in Israel, who visited the Alsasua factory together with Sunsundegui’s partners in this market, Volvo Buses and Mayer’s Group.

During the visit, we appreciated the trust placed by customers in Israel in the products and services made available to them thanks to the collaboration of Volvo Buses, Mayer’s and Sunsundegui, cooperation that has made possible a continued growth of sales in Israel, whose operators recognize the advantages of these products and services over other alternatives. Among these advantages, some were listed as the lower weight of the vehicles compared to other alternatives, the greater reliability of the vehicles resulting in fewer vehicle downtimes, the excellent after-sales service with a quick response to problems, as well as the comfort for both passengers and drivers and the durability of the vehicles.

Visitors were able to see the commitment of all Sunsundegui staff members to their customers, as well as the production processes and quality controls carried out at the plant to ensure the final product. It is important to highlight their positive comments both on construction aspects not visible in the final product and on the level of finish of these same products.

They were also introduced to new systems such as cameras to replace rear-view mirrors, aerodynamic improvements underway to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by 6%, and other improvements in vehicle handling, operation and maintenance.

Within the product range, we presented the SB3Go model, already introduced in the French, Italian and Spanish markets, which made a very pleasant impression on the participants, who showed great interest in it.

This visit is another example of Sunsundegui’s expansion in the markets through strategic partnerships with leading companies in the mobility sector. This collaboration is evidenced by the recent achievement of more than 100 order units in various markets.

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