4 Jul 2024

Sunsundegui maintains its current workload with Volvo

Regarding the information published today, first of all, it should be noted that Sunsundegui and Volvo Buses maintain their commercial relationship. The current workload with Volvo remains at the factory, which we appreciate.

The parties will continue to cooperate in the manufacture of coaches with Volvo chassis and Sunsundegui bodywork. For our company, Volvo continues to be our main customer and partner, and we are both committed to maintaining and strengthening this relationship over the long term, something we repeat, we are very pleased about. With respect to the next-generation buses, this decision has been taken after a joint and detailed assessment of current circumstances and strategic needs, which have concluded that, despite the efforts of both parties, the technology transfer has proven to be too complex and the need for additional investments, including time and resources, is significantly higher than initially foreseen.

Sunsundegui, which has already met with the works council, wants to send a message of confidence to its workforce, investors, suppliers and customers. The company has a diversified portfolio of work that allows it to continue to offer its products and services of the highest quality to our customers, as well as to maintain the current workload at a good level.

About Sunsundegui

Sunsundegui is a leading coachbuilder in the design and production of coaches and buses. With more than 300 employees and located in the town of Alsasua (Navarra, Spain), it has a wide range of models(Sc7 NG, Sc7, Sc5, Sb3 Go and Sb3) that cover all the needs of road passenger transport. The bodybuilder focuses its business model on the development of environmentally responsible and innovative public transport solutions that guarantee a light and safe body, and an efficient design through weight and energy consumption reduction. Present in more than 20 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia and with its own R&D department, Sunsundegui is today a solid company in constant growth that is committed every day to the quality and excellence of its vehicles.

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